Dr. Darlene Williams Consulting, LLC
Dr. Darlene Williams, President & CEO 




About Us


Dr. Darlene Williams Consulting specializes in organizational development to get you to the next level - We Raise The Bar.


We partner with our clients to provide flexible mentoring and coaching to produce high-quality outcomes. Our goal is to develop seasoned professionals who are distinguished in their fields. 

We understand that every person is unique, thus we have studied thousands of exceptional leaders in companies of every size, sector and regional footprint. Our research concluded that there is no universal leadership effectiveness.

We have a proven ability to assist companies and individuals with identifying the attributes that differentiate exceptional employees from average performers.

Truly effective performers and teams don’t just happen. High level performance is developed through setting priorities, mutual accountability, professional behavior, thoughtful dialogue, and trust that is built over time.  

Dr. Darlene Williams Consulting works with our clients to enhance effectiveness by identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Through feedback, honest conversation, and tools that support positive growth, Dr. Darlene Williams Consulting develops leaders that reach their full potential.